Consensus White 2009

Quinta do Romão and Quinta da Ponte (Runa) single estates.
●Alv arinho
●Fernão Pires
José Neiv a Correia
Tasting Notes
This blend was the most appreciated and def ined by José Neiv a Correia, searching a rich white, elegant and tasty , excellent to share with the f amily and f riends. Consensus was v ery aromatic, f ruity , rich, with an excellent acidity who giv es a v ery f resh and aliv e wine. The end of tasting was balanced, long and intense. The f ermentation in oak add a unique character and richness with notes of dry f ruits well present in the aroma and body .
How to serve
To serv e at the temperature of 10º-12ºC being an excellent aperitif . It complements well strong cheeses, f ish in the ov en, all the cod f ish dishes and poultry .
Vinification Method
This wine was produced with Arinto 50.0% (steel v at f ermented), and more Alv arinho 12.5%; Chardonnay 12.5%, Fernão Pires 12.5% and Arinto 50.0%, f ermented in oak. 50% of this Consensus was made with destemming, pelicular maceration and pressing. Cooled to 15ºC, the must passes by a v acuum f ilter with perlites. The f ermentation is achiev ed through activ e dry y easts, the temperature being controlled between 16ºC and 18ºC. The other 50% were produced with 4 equal parts of Arinto, Alv arinho, Chardonnay e Fernão Pires. The must of each v arietal f ermented in new French oak barrels f rom Seguin Moreau. The wine ages in the same barrels 9 months. The blend of the barrels and the other 50% Arinto was blended and bottled. The wine stay s in bottle 1 month bef ore consumption.
The wine ages in oak barrels 9 months. The wine is aged in bottle a minimum a month af ter bottling.